Good Spirits

A Corsair’s Cove Companion short story

Hulda’s proud of her blue-ribbon apple cider, so the fact that she’s a newcomer in a Temperance town during Prohibition…well, awkward describes her social standing. Though she adores practicing her craft, she’s tempted to hide her brewing skills in order to fit in.

But when the local rumrunner decides she’s a threat to his business, Hulda has to stand up for herself. That’s when things really go sideways. Or do they?

As Hulda discovers, Corsair’s Cove isn’t always what it seems to be.

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The sweetest life is the one you make together …

If you need something fun and short on your e-reader right now, you can buy Kiss in the Wind on its own:

Book 2 in the Corsair’s Cove Chocolate Shop series

Her life was semisweet—he added the honey and spice.

Food chemist Livy Tarbert can taste how delicious it’ll be to return to Corsair’s Cove and develop fabulous new treats for the family chocolate shop. But when her recipes call for nuts, she’s thinking almonds, not Bonney the parrot channeling Great-Aunt Ruby from the Other Side. Livy operates solo—whether she’s jogging or working in the kitchen—and she certainly hadn’t planned on family interference … or tavern owner Mack Johanssen. Yet there he is, always trying to add a little honey to her life.

Mack’s a total team player. It’s why he loves running the Zephyr’s Rest tavern and the Chamber of Commerce and the Corsair’s Cove baseball team. So he’s more than happy to help out newcomer Livy. But Livy’s got her own plans. How’s a guy to get to first base with a woman who doesn’t even see him standing in front of her with his heart in his hands?

Unless he believes Ruby’s old ghost stories and accepts a little help from Livy’s pirate ancestor, the Wolf of the West …

Kiss in the Wind is funny and whimsical and as delicious as the best chocolate.” —Nancy Warren, USA Today bestselling author

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And the ebook edition of the Corsair’s Cove Chocolate Shop complete series (all four novellas!) is available now!

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  • Print edition (all four novellas plus the Christmas short story, 500 pages, paperback)

What the buzz is all about:

Corsair’s Cove has a reputation for being one of the most haunted places in the Pacific Northwest. It also has a way of drawing to itself the people who need it most—like the Blackthorne cousins. When Great Aunt Ruby passes and leaves them her chocolate shop, it comes with a few extras she forgot to tell them about—such as a talking parrot and a pirate ghost!

Cursed by an angry ex, Daniel Blackthorne, the Wolf of the West, must help the last descendants of his family find true love before he’s banished forever on Hallowe’en night. But even a skilled sea captain will encounter heavy weather when he tries to get Prudence, Livy, Brynn, and Eloise—four cousins with everything but romance on their minds—into the arms of their soulmates before the clock strikes midnight …

“Not only are the love stories delectable, but each author is allowing her main character, a grand-niece, the ability to reconnect with Aunt Ruby; to make peace as she designed. The touch of paranormal–we are talking about ghosts after all–shifts and develops with every novella. You’ll enjoy every revelation, every step to victory. Corsair’s Cove came to life with every author’s depiction. Every sweet and savory concoction sampled at Red Gem’s Chocolates and Confections sounds as tantalizing as pirate Blackthorne himself. Beginning to end–a thoroughly tasty treat!”

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And cozy up with Kiss at the Altar, a Christmas short story featuring all the cousins of Corsair’s Cove:

A wedding at the cove! But not only is Granny Pearl’s antique Art Deco ring missing, so is the bride! Is it ghostly mischief, or is Prudence going to get cold feet this Christmas Eve and leave another groom standing at the altar? Or will she remember in time that the sweetest life is the one you make together?

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“Rachel Goldsworthy, Shelley Adina, Sharon Ashwood, and Lee McKenzie have created a wonderful place for their series to be set, and the many characters whom they have brought to life are always interesting. ‘Kiss at the Altar’ has fascinating circumstances that make me want to believe.” —Always Reviewing