I’ve never had a book on the NYT Bestsellers list.

I don’t have 45 books in print in 32 languages.

Me, I have a bunch of manuscripts about women I admire. They make careers that feed their spirits as well as their bank accounts. They raise children who turn out okay in spite of their best intentions (because you know what they say about those). They (finally) fall in love with the right guy. Mostly, they climb over their fears to get to their dreams. I love these women. I made them up, but I know them in real life as well. So do you. Want to meet more of them?

Book 2 in the Corsair’s Cove Chocolate Shop series is out now!

Her life was semisweet—he added the honey and spice.

Food chemist Livy Tarbert can taste how delicious it’ll be to return to Corsair’s Cove and develop fabulous new treats for the family chocolate shop. But when her recipes call for nuts, she’s thinking almonds, not Bonney the parrot channeling Great-Aunt Ruby from the Other Side. Livy operates solo—whether she’s jogging or working in the kitchen—and she certainly hadn’t planned on family interference … or tavern owner Mack Johanssen. Yet there he is, always trying to add a little honey to her life.

Mack’s a total team player. It’s why he loves running the Zephyr’s Rest tavern and the Chamber of Commerce and the Corsair’s Cove baseball team. So he’s more than happy to help out newcomer Livy. But Livy’s got her own plans. How’s a guy to get to first base with a woman who doesn’t even see him standing in front of her with his heart in his hands?

Unless he believes Ruby’s old ghost stories and accepts a little help from Livy’s pirate ancestor, the Wolf of the West …

Kiss in the Wind is funny and whimsical and as delicious as the best chocolate.” —Nancy Warren, USA Today bestselling author

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