Corsair’s Cove is a state of mind, calling you back to it when you need it most. That applies to our real-life activities, too. We Corsettes can’t wait to get together at our writing retreats, coming from two countries to work and collaborate together. This is working so well that we’d love to share with you how we do it … and hopefully inspire you in your own collaborative projects!

Collaborative Creativity workshop

Our Collaborative Creativity presentation has been very well received,  keeping audiences engaged, learning—and inspired!

What they say:
“A big thank-you to our vibrant presenters today! Loved hearing about your ensemble writing and publishing success.”
Roberta Cottam
Vancouver Island, Canada
“I wanted to thank you for yesterday’s talk. I was not sure what to expect but it was really inspiring.”
Anaïs Holdaway
Victoria, Canada

Would you like us to speak to your readers’ or writers’ group or present a workshop at a conference? Contact Rachel Goldsworthy. Along with the 1.5-hour presentation we’ll share two handouts: