The muse shows up

The bar had Prosecco on tap. I had a glass. Lee  McKenzie and Sharon Ashwood and I were talking about how much fun it is to make up stories, and by the time we left our empty glasses on the table and walked, blinking, out into the sunshine,  we’d decided to write a series of linked stories set in a chocolate shop and there would be a ghost and, hey! We’d better get Shelley Adina in on this! And Shelley brought along a pirate!

We’ve been having a blast ever since.

I can’t wait to sail you into Corsair’s Cove and introduce you to Livy, Mack, Bonney the parrot , and the rest of the crew! The first novella in the series, Lee’s Kiss at the Cove, will be out in August, followed two weeks later by my Kiss in the Wind, then Shelley’s Kiss on the Beach, and then the last novella, Sharon’s Kiss in the Dark.

But we were having too much fun to stop there, so we’ve also got a short story to wrap up the series in time for Christmas!



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